In the next 100 Years List

Life is all about learning. We don’t stop after we graduate from college although the type of learning changes (for the most part). I never want to stop learning. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty much addicted to learning something new all the time, much to the despair of My Sweetheart (because it costs money, usually). In the *cough, cough* years since I have graduated from college, I have learned to: be a mom (harder than it looks), make soap and lotion, write a book, knit, paint digitally, blog, tweet, Facebook, live in Second Life, create a character in a MPORG, develop guidance for other learners.

But I’m not done yet! No siree bob, I’m still learning and growing. Here’s a few things I want to learn within the next 100 years:

  1. Speak conversational Spanish (and finally be able to have a coherent conversation with my brother-in-law)
  2. Study the art at the Louvre for a month and reacquaint myself with my art history degree
  3. Run my own business doing something I love (hey, I love learning!)
  4. Play the piano
  5. Dance the tango
  6. Make my own jewelry
  7. Crochet
  8. Use my sewing machine
  9. Complete my PhD
  10. Photography
  11. Pray and read my Bible on a daily basis
  12. Yoga
  13. Create a passive income
  14. 3D object creation using Blender
  15. Be a better mom and wife

And here’s a few things I want to do but not necessarily learn:

  1. Complete a 5k marathon (notice I didn’t say run)
  2. Cruise around the world
  3. Visit all of the famous museums in the world
  4. Visit some of the famous places in the United States (can you believe I’ve never seen Mt. Rushmore in person?!)
  5. Lose weight
  6. Win the lottery
  7. Set up a scholarship for middle-income women who want to go back to school for their Masters or PhD so they don’t have to go into debt because they make too much money for a Pell Grant but not enough to pay cash
  8. Be debt free and pay cash for everything
  9. Make a loan through
  10. Win NaNoWriMo (again)
  11. Visit the San Diego Zoo with my kids before they’re too old to appreciate it
  12. Build our dream house (and actually contribute to the building part!)
  13. Attend a TEDTalk (it’s harder than it would seem)
  14. Move my entire book collection to a Kindle
  15. Teach
  16. Meet my favorite authors

Okay, that’s only 15 or 16 things each. That should take me at least another 30 years which takes me up to retirement age. I guess I’ll have to keep growing and adding to my lists!

So, what do you want to learn within the next 100 years?

Image Credits: Travel 4 by Topfer


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