Desk Decor or Muse?

I have on my desk a blue Peep bunny. Not the edible kind but the stuffed animal variety. He originally belonged to one of my kids as an Easter basket filler item but he was so cute that I snagged him for myself.

My desk, at the time, was sorely in need of some decoration. So, I set him next to my computer and he was, for a time, just a cute decoration to keep the child in me entertained while the adult in me toiled away at bringing home the bacon.

Imagine my surprise, then when every once in a while, I’d hear a soft whisper…


write about a dragon and a girl on vacation*…but, when I glanced around, only the bunny was there, staring at me.

Over and over the whispers eddied through the room, skirting the walls before falling gently to the floor. Finally, after a few days of these halluciations and wondering if it was time to up my meds, I came to a startling realization:

I had, in my possession, a real, honest-to-goodness Plot Bunny!

That’s right folks, some how I had managed to lure one of these elusive creatures to my side (or rather, my desk). Of course, it takes great strength of character and restraint to have a Plot Bunny as your muse. I can ignore him most of the time but, occasionally, he’ll whisper something that will make me stop in my tracks and listen. After all these years, I have a very long list of plot lines, asides, and non-existent conversations that might, one day, make it into the story I’m actually focusing on at the moment.

The moral of the story? Choose your desk decor wisely.


*First NaNoWriMo novel, Not Tahiti (2008 won)


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