Just Three Words…

I am not an introspective person by nature. As a matter of fact, I will do anything I can not to analyze myself. There are things, after all, that a person shouldn’t know about themselves. For example, I discovered over the weekend that 

I am not as imaginative as I thought I was. I also learned that I am still, at heart, an introvert. But, the worst thing I learned about myself, though, was that I am a grudge-holder.

Since I did make the fatal mistake of analyzing myself and digging deep to figure out what makes me do the things I do, I have resolved to do the following:

  • I will define what is imaginative and creative in my life and how I express it. After all, my imagination belongs to me.
  • I am okay with being an introvert. I can stand in a crowd and talk to strangers but be present as needed. I just prefer not to.
  • I had to let some grudges go. They were a barrier to the goals I want to accomplish. It was difficult and tear-stained but in the end I felt like a new woman. Empty but ready to be filled.

I am not defined by what I do, what I say, or who I know. I am me, an imperfect human being loved by God and doing my best to bring honor and glory to Him.

Okay, that was more than just three words. Maybe I should be introspective more often…


Image Credit: words by GiniMiniGi

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