Fiction Friday

For those unfamiliar with Fiction Friday, let me introduce you! At, each Friday the authors set out a writing prompt. The point is to write for 5 minutes without stopping and no editing! Well, I think grammar and punctuation is fine, I guess. Anyway, here are the rules:

1. Check this page for the weekly challenge. Generally there will be a months worth of prompts posted up to give you fair warning.

2. Write for a minimum of 5 minutes… AND THEN KEEP GOING!

3. NO editing. ( well.. do the obvious spelling and punctuation.. but nothing major)

4. On Friday, post it to your blog.

5. Come back to Write Anything and leave the link to your post using the Link generator.

6. Visit other’s posts and leave constructive comments.

7. Use Twitter (with our hashtag of #fictionfriday) or Facebook etc to tell your network about the stories posted up.

8. Consider recording it using AudioBoo and submitting it on Sunday for ourSpoken Sunday Prompt

9. Come back again next week!

The small print – Please note that once your first draft is online it may be  difficult to find a publisher or be able to submit  that piece to certain competitions.

Admittedly I haven’t participated in a long time but I  keep thinking about this challenge. When was the last time you wrote a story and posted it for immediate feedback?


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