WW: Notes to Notecards

I have been taking notes in a journal whenever a thought pops up or a character says “Howdy!” I think I have about ten big scenes (or chunks as I like to call them) for the story. What I really need to do is sit down at the computer and sketch them out.

I really need to get Super Notecard from Mindola loaded onto my new computer. It’s great for organization and you can even write on “cards” in stacks. I like using post it notes (how’s that for old tech?!) to see the flow of the story. Super Notecard does something similar, bur digitally. I respect those who can write it out longhand (my hands become useless after writing only a few words and, yes, note tking was less than fun).

I guess that’s it for Writing Wednesday. If you are using a BIAM system, or not, how is your writing going?


One thought on “WW: Notes to Notecards

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