The Reading List

The Magic Book by ostillac

Image by ostillac

Recently I’ve been reading historical fiction with my 7 year old as he studies the American Revolution. However, trying to explain why some characters are real and some aren’t has been a bit of a miss. I’d forgotten how black and white children tend to see the world at that age.

Despite that, reading with him allows us to spend time together as well as pander to our preferred storytelling modes: listening for him and reading for me. And, as our reading list branches out, I’ve noticed that his interests are very similar to mine at that age: fact filled books on animals (although I preferred horses to snakes and sharks) and stories filled with dragons, mysterious doors, and derring-do.

Despite his struggles with the written word, his requests to the visit the library (that magical, wondrous place) for a new book are becoming more frequent than hints at what he wants for Christmas (mostly Legos…and a motorized scooter). And I, of course, completely intend to taxi him down and back to the library until he gets his driver’s license and can do it himself.

His reading list, I hope, will be longer than mine soon.


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