2 Nature Study

Today was beautiful. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the Oregon Ducks won the Rose bowl. Truly a day blessed by God.

We took a walk to the water tower on the hill behind our house so that we might enjoy the sun and to stretch our legs before buckling down to learning in the new year. I also use it as a way to sneak in a nature study while the kids are pre-occupied.

We saw a jack rabbit hopping at high speed away from us. He had black-tipped ears and bounded so high that he cleared three-foot tall creosote bushes.

Silver Cholla Cactus (Opuntia echinocarpa)

One of Little J’s favorite activities is to find cacti. He’ll find one and then, like a dot-to-dot puzzle, make a beeline for the next. Today, he found one we haven’t seen before. I’ve sent a picture of it to the BLM biologist who helped us identify another type of cactus that seems to be all over this part of the valley.

I think that we’ll take some time this week to further investigate jack rabbits in the high desert. We also have “regular” rabbits in our area (which are on my short list as they ate all but two of my Texas Sage before I could chicken wire up around the survivors).

So, what have you seen on your walks lately?


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