WW: Death and Mayhem

One of the best ways to get your reader to stop reading is to make the characters perfect in a sunshine-filled, beautiful life. Nothing ever goes wrong and everyone gets along. While in real life this might be ideal, we all know that, really, life is full of drama. People fight over the most inconsequential things, the economy goes south, and Murphy’s Law strikes at just the right (or wrong) moment.

Your characters need the same kind of challenges that we face in real life. To the nth degree of course.

To obtain the rythm of disaster and mayhem, I use a great formula for scene structure at Rebecca Cornish Talley’s website. She states the following:

Once you understand the basic structure of a scene, you can use it to not only write better scenes, but you can also use this structure to outline your novel.

Scene Structure:


I suggest you print this out for easy reference while you are writing your scenes.

A great piece of advice!


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