6 Homeschool Curriculum Resource Lists

While I am a pro at creating curriculum for adults, I realized I needed a bit of handholding when it came to developing a curriculum for my children. After using, and discarding, CAVA, we turned to a Charlotte Mason-based curriculum from Simply Charlotte Mason. While the curriculum is awesome (and free), I find that I need to supplement with other curriculum, particularly for math, beginning reading, and grammar.

So, I’ve decided to create a resource list that points to the resources that I’m using, or have read good reviews of. Most, if not all, of the resources I post will be free. I’ve already created a Maths page with a short list of the most complete and free math curriculum found on the Internet. To qualify as a complete program, the curriculum must include a teacher guide, lessons, and worksheets or student activities/practice. To qualify as free, it well, needs to cost no money (except for the cost of printing it off on your printer at home). Of the four programs I’ve included, MEP is my favorite and what I am currently using in conjunction with Living Math*.

Update 1-16-12: Math, Nature Study, and Music Study are now available.

What are you using for a math curriculum? How does it fit in with your educational philosophy?

*The Living Math site includes free PDFs of living math books by grade level. You can also purchase, for a small fee, lesson plans developed by Julie, owner of the Living Math site. To keep costs down, I suggest using a math curriculum of choice and supplementing with her fabulous book list as well as math games, such as those found in Family Math.

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