14 A Cluck Cluck Here, A Cluck Cluck There

Everywhere a cluck cluck.

Our Chicken Coop (aka Le Maison de Poulet)

About two weeks ago we received 1 rooster and his 13 lovely ladies from a friend of the family who will be moving and could not take them with her. While we were sad that she will be moving soon, we were happy to take the Ancona and Rhode Island Red mixes off of her hands. We were, after all, building a chicken coop, aka Maison de Poulet, Red Rooster Delight Inn, Cluckamajal. Yes, it’s a really big hen house.

Anyway, a week after that, we welcomed another flock of 6 bantams, one of which is a silky rooster. Let us just say that the roosters don’t get along (which we knew was going to happen) so we have separated them. However, the little bantam misses his girlfriends and can be found hanging around outside the chicken run. Poor guy. I think we’ll have to build him his own place so he can be reunited with his lady loves.

Having chickens presents a wonderful opportunity for our Nature Studies. I am using The Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Comstock as a rough guide with a bit of lapbooking from Homeschoolshare.com and sketching.

Parts of a Contour Feather from WPClipart.com

We began with their legs which, admittedly, is a weird place to start but the boys noticed how scaly the legs were and began asking questions. So, we drew the legs and discussed why the chicken legs might be scaly (dinosaurs never came up!).

That, however, was a bit off the cuff so we began our “formal” nature study with a lesson on chicken feathers. Each child was able to grab one feather from the coop to examine and draw. They then labeled the three main parts of the feather: quill, barbs, fluff.

If you would like to go along with our Chicken Nature Study, feel free to download Chicken Nature Study Lesson 1 (PDF) that I compiled from the Handbook of Nature Study.


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