18 Goodbye Term 3 Hello Summer

Term 3 for 2012 wrapped up last Thursday but I’m already looking forward to Summer Term 2012. Besides a limited amount of subjects and visiting the pool nearly every day, I’m thinking of adding in a friendly little competition that combines exercise and reading. 

While the idea of having the boys read while walking on a treadmill gave me the giggles, I had to come up with something that they would get into and keep doing. Why? They are, after all, spending time at the pool and still doing a light school schedule. Good question. We always have had a good time walking the property. I want to continue that habit, particularly when it is so easy to blow it off when the weather is hot.

And reading transports us to other worlds and adventures. I get a thrill out of hearing I the Eldest’s take on a story, or how Big J drew himself into the story he just read. Little J gets excited and asks questions until I want to fall over. I don’t want any of it to end, even for just the summer.

So here’s my plan (and bear with me as it is really rough):

1. We have two acres which is approximately a square. A one mile trip will take about 4 and a half times around the perimeter.

2. There were several books on the AO booklist that we didn’t get to during the regular term.

To keep the boys interested in nature study and being out doors in general, they will compete in a Marathon. Each day they will log how many times they go around the perimeter of the property. I the Eldest will also have to do some fraction math to figure out how many times he’ll have to go around to complete 26 miles. I’ll give them a little game card to mark off their mileage.

To finish up the AO list for year 1 and 4, the boys will choose which books they want to read. I’m debating whether to break it up by word count or books read, either way they’ll check off what they’ve done on a score card (probably on the other side of the Marathon game card). They’ll also need to narrate portions of their readings to me so that I know that they understand what they are reading.

For every mile walked or book read, the boys, as a group, will get to move a game piece across a Reading Goal game board. I’m not sure what that will look like but I can probably whip something up. They must work together to get their game piece around the board. I’m thinking of including some fun check point type goodies like make smores, go star watching at night, ice cream with friends. Maybe they’ll also have some things that will make it harder (think the chute in chutes and ladders).

Anyway, I think the fun of it and the slight competition will encourage them to play the game. I still have to figure out what the big prize is at the end. Maybe a $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble each? Not sure yet.

Any ideas or suggestions for a fun summer of exercise and reading? 


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