19 Once More…With Feeling!

So I bombed horribly with NaNoWriMo 2011. Between a complicated work contract, the holidays, my rheumatoid arthritis, and homeschooling, I  didn’t have anything left to give. My writing group understood and gave me some grace. I didn’t give my self much grace because I am, after all, superwoman and must accomplish 6 impossible things before breakfast (including bounding over tall buildings and looking great in a short skirt).

With six months separation, though, I have come to see what others saw: I was totally insane.

I have now regained my sanity (and an easier schedule) so I feel able to tackle another NaNo. Good thing Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. And, believe it or not, I have a story to tell.

Okay, I always have a story to tell. My brain overflows with them. The problem I mostly have is 1) time to tell it, and 2) ending the stupid thing. I have great premises but never any endings. How can I write if I don’t know where I’m going to? Well I think I have solved that particular problem with this new story by a time-honored tradition. I stole it.

Well, maybe stealing is too strong of a word.



Maybe not. I just watched a TV show that reminds me a lot of the urban chick fantasy literature out there* and saw the perfect ending. I imagine that I will not use it but, and I think this is big, it gets me over the hump of not having an ending. Knowing that I have someplace to go really frees up my creativity so I can get on with the writing.

What about you? What are your roadblocks to writing and what do you do to overcome them?





* Strong and sexy female main character that kicks butt, smart aleck side kick, lots of fantasy elements including really good looking fae who are desperately in love with said MC. 


3 thoughts on “19 Once More…With Feeling!

  1. My roadblock is mostly fatigue… when more than an hour passes. Best way to overcome that, or other blocks for writing is just doing something else… to give chance for my subconscious to do all the thinking.
    Best ideas are formed from the subconscious, since our conscious is too busy with our reality.
    Regards… 🙂

    • I don’t feel the exhaustion while I’m writing. It’s when I stop after feeling like I’ve written enough that the exhaustion sets in. And, stepping away, tired or not, allows for a fresh perspective when coming back to the story.

      • The thing is, my eyes are sensitive… they get tired from looking at the screen for more than an hour, and i get headaches… i tried glasses, didn’t work.
        Its my only criptonite when writing.

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