21 I am a WRITER

Today I declare that I am a WRITER. That’s correct, you heard me. I am a writer. No more excuses. The “one day maybe” is finally here today. I will finish my book, I will edit the darn thing, and I will publish it (even if I have to do it myself*).

Thanks to Simply Jan for the heads up on this great challenge! Go read her blog, she’s awesome. If you want to join the challenge, go over to Jeff Goins blog and join up.

* I acknowledge that there is an alarming amount of self-published drivel available across the interwebs. I will do my best not to add to it.
cover image credit: A Writer’s Tools 2 by bloodylery

One thought on “21 I am a WRITER

  1. Dear April,
    Declaring you are a writer is a great way to whisper to your heart that indeed you do have talent and you’re going to use it. Thanks for liking my blog post about action showing emotions of characters.
    Celebrate you.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

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