Spring Has Sprung

Wildflowers near our home

Spring has finally arrived in the valley! This past winter has been extremely dry, which isn’t surprising considering California is in a long drought. So it was with great relief that we received a thunderstorm, and quite a bit of water, a few weekends ago. Enough, in fact, to send all the wildflowers into bloom. […]

Gluten Free Seitan

Gluten-free seitan

I have been gluten-free for a while now and have been vegan since March, or thereabouts. I don’t really miss meat but in the spirit of getting my family off of it, I have searched for an alternative that does not include soy or wheat. We’ve tried lentils, which are good but at least one […]

How to Teach Writing – Ideas and Resources

Pen Friend by nkzs

How to Teach Writing – Ideas and Resources. A great resource for a writing workshop or homeschool novel writing class. It’s an entire course about creative fiction writing. Topics covered are: character development “showing” vs. “telling” plot structure narrative viewpoint details dialogue review and revision