Spring Has Sprung

Wildflowers near our home

Spring has finally arrived in the valley! This past winter has been extremely dry, which isn’t surprising considering California is in a long drought. So it was with great relief that we received a thunderstorm, and quite a bit of water, a few weekends ago. Enough, in fact, to send all the wildflowers into bloom. […]

14 A Cluck Cluck Here, A Cluck Cluck There

Everywhere a cluck cluck. About two weeks ago we received 1 rooster and his 13 lovely ladies from a friend of the family who will be moving and could not take them with her. While we were sad that she will be moving soon, we were happy to take the Ancona and Rhode Island Red […]

13 Math Decisions

Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe. -Galileo I think all homeschooling parents go through the angst of curriculum decisions. It becomes even more difficult when limited by using only free resources. While I enjoy using MEP with my boys, my oldest, I, is not really loving it right now. I […]