Gluten Free Seitan

Gluten-free seitan

I have been gluten-free for a while now and have been vegan since March, or thereabouts. I don’t really miss meat but in the spirit of getting my family off of it, I have searched for an alternative that does not include soy or wheat. We’ve tried lentils, which are good but at least one […]

11 What’s In the Cupboard Chicken Enchiladas

Rather than run to the store yet one more time for tonight’s dinner ingredients, I decided to tighten my belt and use only what was in my cupboard. Scary, no? Read on my intrepid gustatory adventurers as I solve the¬†dilemma¬†and save the day*!

9 Milk and Oatmeal Bath

My son asked me if he was turning into a lizard the other day. I stopped briefly to ponder the question before answering, “No,” because you really never know in our house. Anyway, I asked why he thought he was turning into a reptile and he replied that his skin was scaly. After close inspection, […]

A Fermented Cow’s Milk By Any Other Name

Hey yogurt, if you’re so cultured, how come I never see you at the opera? ~Attributed to Stephen Colbert Hardy har har har, Stephen. I’ll have you know that yogurt is so high-class that it is a civilized addition to any meal in many cultures. So, whether you call it yoghurt, yogurt, or yogourt, what […]